We all love all-inclusive resorts, right?  Unlimited food & unlimited drink, all while keeping your wallet in your pocket.  Perfect!  Well, here is the key to your all-inclusive staycation this August 25th. 🙂

It’s called the Funky Fresh Foodie Fest (DCF4) and will be held on August 25, 1pm – 9pm (premium tix get 11am entry) at the DC Fairgrounds, the same location as Truckeroo.  But, this is different from a normal Truckeroo.  First off, it is on a Saturday.  Second? Food from each of 10 DC food trucks.  Third? Yes – adult beverages are included (3 or 5 beverages, depending on your selection)! Forth? Live music, including a Live-band karaoke tournament – don’t worry you can just watch.  There will also be the Trucky awards, which you’ll hear more of in the coming week from moi.

Warning: There is a cap on the number of tickets being sold for the event, so it won’t be nearly as crowded as a normal Truckeroo.  I’ve been told that crowd numbers will only be 1/4 of what they are on a Truckeroo.  The pre-sale tickets start at $42 right now.

Participating trucks include Pepe, Takorean, DC Slices, BBQ Bus, Tapas Truck, Curbside Cupcakes, Rolling Ficelle, DC Empanadas, Fojol Bros., and Pleasant Pops – a sampling of DC’s best food trucks!  Normally, I don’t post about upcoming events this far in advance, but since there is a cap on the number of tickets being sold, it makes sense to get the word out to the devoted foodies first.

DCF4 Food Truck Fest