Members of the Food Truck Association (FTA) today will mark Food Day by highlighting an important but little-recognized benefit that food trucks provide the community — food trucks are one of the most efficient uses of public space in cities’ downtowns all over the country.

“By bringing food to the densest areas of downtown, food trucks are helping to reduce overall city congestion and maximizing the value of our public space,” said Craig Barsi, FTA organizer and owner of That Cheesecake Truck.

Food Truck Association members will be serving today at 21st and Virginia St NW, Farragut Square, L’Enfant Plaza and Metro Center.

“In areas where there are no restaurants, such as 21st St. and Virginia Ave. NW and L’Enfant Plaza, food trucks are preparing affordable, fresh-made meals to District workers and reducing their need to get in their cars and drive for lunch,” Barsi said.

“And because food truck may serve more than 100 people from a single parking space at locations such as Farragut Square and Metro Center, a food truck is one of the most efficient uses of a public parking space,” Barsi added.

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