District Taco’s restaurant in Arlington, VA

This news was actually tweeted by District Taco on December 17th when I was out of town, so that is why I’m just calling it a recap.  District Taco is opening its first restaurant in the District at 1309 F St NW!  It should be ready in the Spring of 2012 – and I’ll be sure to get you some previews of the space as soon as I can.

District Taco has a roaming cart in Arlington, VA, named El Torito, and also a restaurant (DTHQ), at 5723 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA.  So, if you only look for food in the District, you may not have come across DT yet.  Their tacos are delicious and it is one of the few mobile food providers that regularly serves breakfast.

Source: District Taco’s website showing the DC location as coming soon.

The photo that accompanied District Taco’s Twitter announcement (click it to see the original tweet):