I was walking over to Farragut Square today and happened to notice a lot of random SUVs driving around with those short stubby antennas on top.  You know, maybe something was going on in the area, but not super unusual.  Flash forward about 30 minutes and I’m hearing reports that Federal Police have shut down all of the DC food trucks that were parked around Farragut Square!  DC food trucks have served at Farragut Square ever since DC Slices opened up (i.e. years).

DCRA is investigating, DC food truck fans are irate and DC food trucks are trying to make sense of it all..  More info to come as I receive it!

UPDATE: DCRA informed me that Officer Steinbeck from MPD has spoken with the Feds and that DC food trucks ARE allowed to park next to Farragut Square Park.  The nicest part about this story is that Officer Steinbeck is not even on duty today. Thanks MPD!