Earlier this week, FTF enjoyed its 2nd birthday – how time flies!

In the past year, we saw the number of DC’s food trucks just about double in size to a little over 130 trucks.  While that is remarkable growth, it is nowhere near the ~7x growth seen during my first year of operation.  The retired food trucks list also grew substantially, indicating that DC’s food truck scene is gently approaching an equilibrium in the number of trucks in operation.  This summer is seeing an increase in organized events involving food trucks, which is always a welcome sign for those looking to sample a large number of DC food trucks at one time while having a seat at a table.

DC’s food trucks still face a regulatory battle where DCRA’s proposed regulations for food trucks have stalled after public comment.  The food truck’s Sales Tax Act was passed and is set take effect later this year, though

Lastly, several food trucks announced their plans for opening brick & mortar restaurants!  PORC opened Kangaroo Boxing Club in Columbia Heights and El Floridano’s Mothership is close to opening its doors.  District Taco opened its 2nd shop, this time in the District, and Pleasant Pops successfully kickstarted their retail store at 18th & Florida.  DC Empanadas announced plans for a shop and a couple of other trucks have plans in the works, though my lips are sealed at the moment. 🙂

I want to thank all of you for your support, especially @LOWswimmer, David and @ranchounicorno and of course all of DC’s food trucks!  It really makes running FTF a pleasure. -Kyle