Thanks to the keen eye of FTF reader, Richard, we can reasonably deduce that Lasagna Plus is no more and the owners have turned their mobile enterprise into a crepe truck, named DC Crepes.  The strongest evidence is in the phone number that is listed on the new DC Crepes truck.  It is the same one that was on Lasagna Plus.  Also, the operators of the crepe truck seem to be the same individuals that used to man Lasagna Plus.

Studying detailed photos of the two trucks leads one to believe that the crepe truck is not the same truck as Lasagna Plus.  Also, DC Crepes is actively tweeting their locations whereas Lasagna Plus didn’t even have a Twitter account.

As for the demise of Lasagna Plus, many may not miss it as most yelp reviews compared it to a school lunch.  If you are looking for a great lasagna lunch, Basil Thyme is still your truck.

Old Lasagna Plus truck photo