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October 22, 2014 Food Truck Tracker

Truckeroo Happy Hour In Effect! Open Until 11pm!

This pic says it all – come join in on the fun! #Truckeroo


Truckeroo Is Open! Now – 11pm, 26 Food Trucks! #Truckeroo

The gate swings open for Truckeroo @ Half St and M St SE (Navy Yard / Ballpark metro entrance)!  Come join us at Fairgrounds and enjoy the fare from 26 food trucks + experience a unique retail (clothing) truck, named Street Boutique.  Free admission, all ages, music, games and adult beverages await!  List of trucks serving today.

Today Is Truckeroo! 11am-11pm Lunch, Happy Hour, Dinner (August 8) #Truckeroo

Today(August 8) is DC’s monthly food truck event, with all of your favorite food trucks combined with music, games, and adult beverages!  From 11am-11pm, meet us at the Fairgrounds (Half St and M St SE) across from the Navy Yard/ballpark metro entrance.  Follow the sounds of music or the scent of delicious food.  All ages and plenty of seating is provided.  See you there!

Here is the list of trucks attending.


Truckeroo Is Friday! (August 8)

Truckeroo, DC’s largest food truck festival, will be held this Friday, August 8, from 11am-11pm at the Fairgrounds (Half St SE and M St SE, across from the Navy Yard metro station)!  All-ages, music, games and adult beverages will be available. Grab some tasty treats from your favorite food trucks for lunch, happy hour and dinner!

Here is the truck list:

  • Bada Bing
  • Big Cheese
  • Bon Mi
  • Borinquen Lunch Box
  • Cajunators
  • Carmen’s Italian Ice
  • Cole’s palette
  • Crepe Love
  • DC Empanadas
  • DC Pollo
  • DC Slices
  • Doug the Food Dude
  • Fava Pot
  • Feelin’ Crabby
  • Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats
  • Kaftamania
  • NeatMeatDC
  • Red Hook Lobster Pound
  • Rocklands Barbeque & Grilling
  • Sang on wheels
  • South Meets East
  • Street Boutique
  • Surfside
  • TaKorean
  • Tapas
  • That Cheesecake Truck
  • Woodshed

DMV Food Truck Association Debuts New Logo @dmvfta


DMV Food Truck Association Unveils New Logo

A local food truck supporter is the winner of a design contest to create the new logo of the DMV Food Truck Association (FTA).

Peter Dovak, a 27-year-old project director at a DC venture capital company, receives a free lunch from each FTA member for his design.

“I moved to Washington from Louisville, Kentucky in 2011, and before then I had never seen a food truck,” Dovak said. “My office is smack between two popular food truck spots, Franklin Park and Metro Center, so I was introduced to them immediately and I fell in love just as quickly.”

Dovak’s bold and simple design features a food truck below a fork, spoon and star. The vibrant blue, red and yellow are colors of the DC, Maryland and Virginia flags and represent the FTA’s regional membership. The food truck’s bumpers and wheels pop out from the logo, conveying one of industry’s central tenets – mobility. The spoon and fork along with red and yellow colors signify food truck cuisine. White space carves out the shape of DC in the upper right corner, and coupled with the star pays homage to the original logo and the association’s roots.

The FTA launched the logo contest earlier this year. Dovak’s design was chosen from nearly a dozen entries.

“When it came time to create a new logo, of course we turned to the food truck community,” said Che Ruddell-Tabisola, FTA Executive Director. “We have the greatest food trucks supporters in the country. They’re always here for us: Whether it’s 100-plus degrees, there’s snow on the ground or they’re contacting their councilmembers for better food truck regulations. Our supporters are the whole reason we’re here.”

The logo is one of many new things introduced in 2014 heralding the start of a new era for the FTA, which had previously been known as the DC Food Truck Association and Food Truck Association of Metropolitan Washington. The new logo and name accompanied the hiring of the FTA’s first paid Executive Director, expanded mission, increased programming and focus on education, and greater regional presence.


Free LP Gas Inspection For All Food Truck Owners, Courtesy S&L Customs!

I have teamed up with S&L Customs in Manassas to provide peace of mind for all food truck owners and customers alike: free LP gas inspections for all food truck owners! (LP stands for liquid petroleum gas)

There really is no looking the other way after hearing about the tragic Philadelphia food truck gas explosion a few weeks ago. I want to make sure that something like that never happens in DC, so I paid a visit to my friend Lee at S&L Customs to ask some questions about what went down and how to prevent it. When Lee is not building food trucks, he is a volunteer firefighter in Virginia with, literally, a binder full of various fire fighting certifications.  Lee took some time out of his work day to explain to me what happened and how to prevent a food truck from experiencing such an accident.  I’ll spare you the amazing detail that he was able to garner from the videos posted all over the Internet, but what I discovered was that it is really very simple to operate a safe food truck.

The gas tank that was used on the Philadelphia food truck was a backyard BBQ gas tank, and not a proper LP tank-within-a-tank rated for use on motor vehicles.  The Philadelphia tank was operating properly, but it was not designed for use on a food truck and probably not located properly for when it eventually vented.  Also surprising is that for the cost of two backyard BBQ tanks, one can have a proper, safe, LP tank.  A few considerations need to be made during installation to allow for proper venting and electrical grounding as well as a few other safety items, but a certified LP gas technician will know all of those things (they should be able to present a certificate to you as proof – shown below).

Fortunately, Lee cares so much about safety that his shop is offering a free, no-hassle LP gas inspection for any concerned food truck owner.  The S&L Customs shop is located at: 11850 Livingston Rd, Manassas, VA 20109, Suite #105 and the phone number is 703-499-7694 – just give Lee a call before you head over.

El Fuego is a poster-child for food truck safety in the District.  Here is a photo of the LP tank mounted in a safe location – it’s just a little dirty as I captured the photo just before they went to the truck wash :-)



S&L Customs certified LP gas technician certificate:


A close-up of an LP tank rated for motor vehicles:



Graveyard Grub This Saturday, July 19!

Attention DC food truck fans! There will be a Graveyard Grub at Congressional Cemetery this Saturday, July 19! This one is a fundraiser to help support the efforts and programs of the cemetery. Tasting tickets are available through Living Social or at the door. A portion of the ticket sales will be going directly to the cemetery!

7-19 Graveyard Grub

New truck: Tasty Toranj @TastyToranj

Just spotted a few days ago is Tasty Toranj, a truck serving kabobs and salads.  Here are the menu details!


Truckeroo Happy Hour Getting Started! Open Until 11pm!

Truckeroo is heating up, but the evening temperature will be cooling down! Enjoy an adult beverage (perhaps at the Bayou Daq Shack?) accompanied by an array of munchie options, from sweet to savory, and large plate to bite-size. The location is Half St and M St SE across from the Navy Yard/Ballpark metro entrance. Just walk in the direction of the music :-) Open until 11pm, all ages! 25+ of DC’s finest food trucks!


Truckeroo Is Open!! Now Until 11pm #Truckeroo

The barn doors of Truckeroo have swung open! Come grab some lunch and plan out your happy hour & evening at Fairgrounds DC (Half St and M St SE, across from the Navy Yard/Ballpark entrance).

Free admission, all ages, music, games and adult beverage station. :-). Here is the list of trucks serving.

See you there!


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