ARLnow got a hold of an internal document that details the Rosslyn Business Improvement District’s (BID) set of recommendations for the Arlington County Board in regulating food trucks.  You won’t be surprised that it contains a laundry list of every method to restrict food truck activity, including prohibiting trucks from main retail areas, no more than 2 trucks or carts per block, even more rigorous inspections, not parking within 65 ft of a restaurant, requiring bathroom access within 200 ft and requiring food trucks to provide their own trash cans.

It is almost ironic that the BID, whose membership is composed of office tower owners, is going after the food trucks that are patronized by the office building workers that are tenants in their buildings.

The document seems to give some token praise to the food truck scene in acknowledging that food trucks do seem to incubate brick & mortar restaurants, which could be reworded as “food truck owners may become future clients of ours when they seek out retail space.”

The comments section of ARLnow’s article does a great job of summarizing the general feeling towards these anti-food truck initiatives.