We all love the word free, right? Well, I’m happy to use the word twice in one sentence: This Friday from 11am-2pm @ Farragut Square (17th & K St NW), Sauca will be serving free, gluten-free sandwiches!  The event is being sponsored by Glutino and all sandwiches will be made with their Genius bread (pictured above).

A lot of food truck fans loved the post I put together listing gluten-free DC food trucks, so here’s some more info on the Glutino Genius bread for the uninitiated.  Unlike the main-stream bread loaded up with preservatives, gluten-free bread is found in the grocery store’s frozen section.  In the DC-area, Glutino bread is sold at Whole Foods and Yes! Organic Market.  Since the bread has no preservatives, so you keep it frozen and just microwave a couple slices at a time when you want to eat some bread.  I used to do that with normal bread to keep it fresh anyway, so nothing new there.  The thick slices of Genius don’t contain any of the other weird ingredients or high-fructose corn syrup and the calorie counts are about the same. Here is a link to their Facebook page.

I have a note into the event organizers on what kinds of free sandwiches will be served.  I’ll update you once I have the info. 🙂