Starting today (Saturday 10/6 @ 11am), TaKorean is opening a fixed location inside Union Market (1309 5th St NE)!  I’ll update with photos as I receive them. 🙂  UPDATE: The press release is attached to the bottom of this post.

Just a little over two years after the TaKorean food truck took the DC lunch scene by storm, TaKorean will open a new, permanent outpost at the new Union Market. TaKorean started its operation out of a 1985 Ford Step-Van in August of 2010 and has remained one of the most popular DC food trucks through the explosion of mobile vending in the District.

Union Market, located at 1309 5th St, NE, is a newly opened artisanal food market dedicated to offering the DC metro area a culinary experience that is unmatched. TaKorean Owner/Operator, Mike Lenard says, “TaKorean is thrilled to be involved in Union Market along with several other industry leaders and top artisanal vendors.“

TaKorean’s recipes continue to be made from scratch using the freshest ingredients available. In addition to delicious Korean style meats, TaKorean serves vegetarian and vegan options, along with occasional specials. TaKorean will be open from 11AM-8PM Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to start. In mid-November, the market is expected to expand hours to Tuesday through Sunday and will remain open year-round as a permanent establishment. The TaKorean food truck will continue to operate daily for lunch service downtown and additionally for events and catering requests.

Owner Mike Lenard has created a variety of Asian inspired taco combinations and menu items to “consistently provide customers with fresh, interesting, healthy, and delicious tasting food that gives them something to smile about.” A native of Washington D.C., Lenard is determined to provide healthy, well-balanced meals at a reasonable price ($3.50-$9 for food) to his fellow Washingtonians while also giving back to the community and local environmental causes. TaKorean is continuing to pledge 1% of gross sales from both locations to local environmental and youth based non-profit organizations.

At TaKorean in Union Market, one can enjoy a choice of Korean-style Bulgogi beef, tangy chicken, or caramelized tofu tacos topped with fresh spicy or mild slaw, cool lime crèma, Sriracha chili sauce, fresh cilantro and sesame seeds on top of warm corn tortillas. You can enjoy your meal in the beautiful space at Union Market while visiting other terrific vendors!