You can contact me (Kyle) at! Please note:

  • I only operate, please contact me about advertising on the website, providing tips about new trucks or events, or about getting listed – for free – on – I love to chat!   Though, I don’t own or operate any of the food trucks listed on this website.  I am happy to answer questions about trucks based on my own opinions.
  • Contact a truck: If you need to get in touch with a specific truck, please find them on the right sidebar and go to their website, twitter or facebook page to reach out to them.
  • Requested locations: I have no influence whatsoever in directing food trucks to serve in any requested location.  You must contact your favorite truck with these requests.
  • Daily email list: Please sign up for the daily email list of food truck serving locations by clicking here.
  • Special event requests, please note:
    • Most trucks need to sell at least 100 meals in order to recoup food costs, preparation labor, serving labor, fuel costs (propane and gas), insurance and vehicle wear & tear.
    • Most food trucks aren’t able to swing by your location at any time.  Food trucks aren’t able to drive around with their kitchens on.  It takes time to park and setup the kitchen and heat up the ovens, unpack the food, etc.  The same goes for closing up the kitchen.  This is the main reason why food trucks only have 1 or 2 stops a day and can’t run around like old-school ice cream trucks.
    • Food trucks prefer that events are booked weeks in advance because they need to plan a larger delivery from their food suppliers in order to service your event.
    • I am not able to email blast all of the trucks.  Food trucks are like catering companies and they all have very specific cuisines.  It would be best to select a few trucks that you know you will like and contact them individually.
    • You do care about which food trucks you want at your event.  Even though you say that you don’t care which food trucks participate in your event, as soon as an ice cream and kabob truck are lined up, you then think that you’d rather have pizza and cupcakes.  Please take care when selecting which trucks to contact. 🙂
    • I cannot organize events for you.  I think I would enjoy it, but it would be way too time consuming and I’m just not an event organizer. But, I always suggest that you get in touch with one truck and then ask them to advise you on additional trucks.  A good place to start is with any of the DC Food Truck Association trucks listed here.


August 6, 2020 Food Truck Tracker

Updated: 08/06/2020