DC has a number of food truck festivals throughout any given year, though most events are held during the warm months of the year (April through November).

The most popular festival is named Truckeroo and runs monthly from about April to October.  Truckeroo is always held on a Friday from 11am – 11pm, with hours being extended to midnight on a couple of occasions.  Truckeroo is organized and run by the owners of Fairgrounds DC, located across from the Navy Yard metro station on one side and the Nationals ballpark on another side.  The all-ages event features music, games, adult beverages and up to 25 food trucks.

Another festival is named Curbside Cookoff.  This festival is organized and run by the DMV Food Truck Association.  These events are usually held on Saturdays from 11am – 7pm and are more family oriented, though, adult beverages are also sold at these events.  The number of trucks serving vary from 10 to over 30 trucks, depending on the location.  The location of the event usually changes from event to event.  Curbside Cookoff usually has a corporate sponsor like DC United or CBS Radio.

Other smaller food truck events and festivals are held in the DC metropolitan area.  From time to time, Crystal City and Alexandria’s Marriott hotel organize Food Truck Thursday events with 8 – 12 trucks.  Also, many food trucks can be found piggy-backing onto events where food trucks aren’t the focus.  For example, the Bluegrass festival and various Wine festivals.

2013 Schedules:

April 19
May 17
June 14
August 16
September 6
October 4
Curbside Cookoff
July 13 – Capitol Riverfront, 200 K Street SE (Navy Yard Metro)
July 27 – St Elizabeth’s East, 1100 Alabama Avenue SE (Congress Heights Metro)
Aug 24 – Congressional Cemetery, 1801 E Street SE (Potomac Avenue Metro
Sep 28 – Wheaton, MD Reedie Drive and Triangle Lane (Wheaton Metro)
Oct 26 – St Elizabeth’s East Campus, 1100 Alabama Avenue SE (Congress Heights Metro)

August 6, 2020 Food Truck Tracker

Updated: 08/06/2020