Ever wonder which food trucks were environmentally conscious with their food packaging?  Big thanks to David for compiling this information!

Note: Some DC food trucks switch up their packaging from time to time, so that is why we will constantly update this report.

Food Truck Packaging Last Observed
AZN Eats
Bada Bing
Basil Thyme styrofoam 2012-02-09
BBQ Bus plastic 2012-01-31
Beach Fries
Best Mexican Burritos and Tortas
Big Cheese paper bag 2012-02-17
Borinquen Lunch Box paper bag & foil 2012-02-09
Bratwurst King
Cajunators styrofoam & plastic bag 2012-02-09
Capital Empanadas
Capitol Greenz foil & paper bag/container 2012-02-24
CapMac cardboard w/ plastic 2012-01-25
Carnivore BBQ
Cirque Cuisine
Corned Beef King
Cravin Cookies & Sweets
Crepes De Pouce Gras
Cupcake Blvd
Curbside Crabcakes
Curbside Cupcakes
Dangerous Pies
DC Empanadas styrofoam cups 2012-02-06
DC Kabob And Grill sytrofoam 2012-02-17
DC Love Bites
DC Shawarma styrofoam 2012-01-11
DC Slices cardboard box 2012-01-26
Dippin Dots
District Taco
Dorothy Moon.s Gourmet Burgers paper bag 2012-02-17
Doug The Food Dude
Dylan’s Downhome
Eat Wonky
El Floridano paper 2012-01-19
Far East Taco Grille paper & foil 2012-02-09
Feelin’ Crabby
Fojol Bros compost-able container 2012-02-21
Go Fish!
Goode’s Mobile Kitchen
Grids Waffles foil 2012-02-17
Halal Grill 2012-01-11
Halal Gyro Plus
Hot People Food
Hula Girl Truck plastic container 2012-01-31
Juice Revolution
Kabob Bites
Kimchi BBQ Taco styrofoam 2012-02-24
Kraving Kabob styrofoam 2012-02-15
Krazy Claws
Langston Grille On Wheels
Lemongrass Truck plastic container 2012-02-16
Maui Wowi
MojoTruck styrofoam 2012-01-31
Orange Cow
Pedro and Vinny’s
Pi On Wheels “green” cardboard box 2012-02-17
Pleasant Pops
Pure Pasty
Red Hook Lobster Pound
Rolling Ficelle paper bag & paper cup 2012-02-06
Rolls On Rolls paper bag 2012-02-17
Royal Chicken & Gyro styrofoam 2012-02-21
Salt And Pepper Grill
Sang On Wheels
Sauca styrofoam 2012-02-17
Scoops2u paper napkin 2012-01-31
Seoul Food
Sidewalk Sweets
Sinplicity Ice Cream
Sixth & Rye
Smith Meadows
SOL Mexican Grill paper bag & foil 2012-02-09
Solar Crepes
Stix paper 2012-02-10
Stress Reliever
Suburban Bros
Sweet Fleet
Sweetbites mobile cafe paper bag 2012-02-09
Sweetflow Mobile
Takorean cardboard 2012-02-10
Tasty Fried DC
Tasty Kabob styrofoam 2012-01-26
That Cheesecake Truck! plastic container 2012-02-24
Top Dog
Tops American Food Company
Uncle Paulie’s compostable containers and cornstarch resin cutlery 2012-03-16
Willie’s Po Boy
Yellow Vendor styrofoam 2012-02-21
Food Truck Packaging Last Observed


August 6, 2020 Food Truck Tracker

Updated: 08/06/2020