December 1st, as you may know, is the first day that DC’s new lottery system goes into effect.  The lottery system determines which food trucks may serve at any of the more popular locations in DC (Farragut Square, Franklin, L’Enfant, etc).  If a truck did not participate in the fee-driven lottery, they are disallowed from serving at any of the reserved lottery locations.  DCRA posted the lottery results here, with each participant anonymized, so we don’t know which trucks represent each line item.

My quick analysis shows that 111 food trucks were given assignments.  I quickly tallied up the number of trucks to be present at #FarragutFriday, and found that 20 spots were allocated, so at least that DC tradition seems to be preserved for the time being.

Though, with over 200 trucks serving in DC, the 111 lottery spots represent a 50% haircut to available lunch options.  We won’t know the true effect of the lottery until December 1st.