The Funky Fresh Foodie Fest (DCF4) is coming your way on Saturday, August 25th, 11am-9pm!  This event is one of the best values I’ve seen involving food trucks and the full dining experience (including adult beverages).  The best part about DCF4 is that you can leave your wallet in your pocket – it’s all-inclusive!  You get a nice portion from each of the 10 DC food trucks (Pepe, Takorean, BBQ Bus, Curbside Cupcakes, DC Empanadas, DC Slices, Fojol Bros., Pleasant Pops, The Rolling Ficelle, Tapas Truck), as well as three full adult beverages and two non-alcoholic beverages.  The giveaways continue with a commemorative Funky Fresh Foodie Fest Beer Stein and giveaways from IZZE, Honest Tea, and KIND Healthy Snacks.  10 meals, 5 drinks, live music, a multitude of giveaways and plenty of seating – that could easily add up to $100+ at any other event, but you’ll be shocked at how low the DCF4 price is!

I have intimate knowledge of the event’s planning and can tell you that this event will not be oversold.  It is run by the same folks who have organized Truckeroo and other food truck events.  You’re going to have an excellent experience.

One more thing, special to FTF readers: I’m bringing the love in the form of a $10-off coupon. 😉  The code is: FRESH10  (enter it in the promotional code box on the ticket page)

Get your tickets here!  Ticket prices will be regular price on the day of the event, so pre-ordering is the way to go.  Can you tell that I’m pumped about this event?