This meeting is open to all food trucks, even if you aren’t a member of the association.
Save DC Food Trucks
Meeting for All Food Trucks 6 pm Monday, April 1
Contact to attend

Attention Food Trucks: Food trucks will become illegal in most of downtown if Mayor Gray’s proposed new regulations are passed!

Mayor Gray has proposed severe restrictions on where food trucks can serve customers, including:

  • Restricting food trucks in the most popular locations – with the exception of a limited number of lottery-assigned designated spaces;
  • Banning food trucks from serving from within 500 feet of lottery-assigned spaces;
  • Banning food trucks from serving where there is less than 10 feet of unobstructed sidewalk.

The proposed regulations threaten the livelihood of all our small businesses. The regulations have little to do with protecting public health and safety, and everything to do with restricting competition and consumer choice.

Learn what you can do the protect your business 6 pm Monday night, April 1. Contact Che, Political Director of the Food Truck Association and co-owner of BBQ Bus, at for more information.