The long-awaited update to the iPhone (and iPad) Food Truck Fiesta app is out now!  The largest addition to the app is a new list tab that lists all of the trucks (active and non-active) for you to view.  Once a location is determined, the list re-sorts itself showing which trucks are closest to you.  Also, each truck now has a detail page where you can view the Menu, Yelp reviews and, of course, the Tweets.   Get the app here or just search for food truck fiesta on the iTunes store! This update is FREE to everyone who bought Version 1. Thank you for supporting the development of the app!

**Note: there is a minor bug in the sorting of the list tab that will be fixed in about a week.  So, the ordering may be incorrect from time to time, but all of your information is there and accurate. 🙂

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