It seems as though there is an unnatural force cracking down on food trucks operating in Fairfax county.  Earlier this month, some Fairfax trucks began tweeting that they were receiving tickets at a Tysons Corner hot spot, Greensboro & Solutions.  The Tysons Corner blog summed up that situation very nicely in this post, which came down to which section of Solutions drive was out of the jurisdiction of Fairfax County (really!?).

The shocking amplification of the food truck crack down came to me today as I have learned that Fairfax County is no longer issuing food vendors’ licenses to food trucks!  Details get a little sketchy from there.. Apparently, officials from the Department of Planning and Zoning think that food trucks aren’t allowed to serve at all in the county, regardless of whether they are parking on public or private property.  Something about a fast food establishment not being allowed to be mobile?  It seems so crazy that it could be a true county regulation. :-/

More details to follow..

UPDATE (2/27): I heard from another source that this is, indeed, happening.  Fairfax County has a new Food Vendor permit and food trucks will NOT be granted this permit, just based on the fact that they are a food truck!  That’s pretty outrageous considering that this is not an old permit that hasn’t been updated to modern times.  It is a new permit that is specifically excluding food trucks. 🙁