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Sabor’a Street began serving in Washington DC on Feb 24, 2011 and is permitted in the District. The menu consists of Latin-inspired entrees.

– Frita – Cuban-style sliders incorporate the beef with Spanish chorizo and Manchego cheese then are topped with fried fingerling potatoes and a chipotle-guava sauce on a brioche bun Pimentel plans to bake fresh daily. Patrons have the option to top their Fritas with a fried egg.
– Pinchos – brisket skewers
– Arepas – cornmeal cakes (gluten-free)

– vegan-friendly chili-glazed tofu available

– All entrees come with a choice of Yucca Frita and Tostones (fried plantains) on the side and come with a choice of dipping sauces, including Mojo; Chimichurri; Salsa Verde (avocado and tomatillo); and Roja (guajillo chili sauce).

And the photos, courtesy of Sabor’a Street:

Arepa (with the adobo-marinated chicken)



Churros and dulce de leche sauce

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