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The Bratwurst King is now serving all of Northern Virginia and beyond. We are starting our second year and our German style sausages and other authentic European menu items have not only been enjoyed on street corners but also in various office complexes, at neighborhood parties and farmers markets, motorcycle dealerships, school festivities and many other special events. We are also available for catering and are looking forward to serving you in the near future. Look for us on facebook and twitter for our daily schedule.

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Sample Menu

Soups du jour
Austrian Garlic Soup $3.00
Crafted after an old family recipe; served on top of roasted croutons

Pureed Pea Soup $3.00
Hearty soup with slices of Frankfurter sausages

Main Attractions
Bratwurst Platter w/ choice of 2 sides $9.00
Authentic German Bratwurst served w/ a Kaiser roll

Nürnberger Platter w/ choice of 2 sides $9.00
Germany’s most famous mini grilling sausage served w/ a Kaiser roll

Currywurst Platter w/ choice of 2 sides $9.00
A staple of German food culture served w/ a Kaiser roll

Debreziner Platter w/ choice of 2 sides $9.00
Spicy hot Hungarian sausage served w/ a Kaiser roll

Schweinebraten w/ choice of 2 sides $9.00
Tenderloin Pork Roast served w/ a Kaiser roll

Chicken Platter w/ choice of 2 sides $9.00
Boneless Grilled Chicken Breast served w/ a Kaiser roll

Red cabbage, sauerkraut, Austrian potato salad $3.00

Sweet Treats
Apple Strudel served w/ ice cream & whipped cream $5.00

Hot Drinks
12 oz Hot Chocolate topped w/mini marshmallows $3.00

Cold Drinks
24 oz spring water $3.00; 12 oz coke, diet coke, sprite, sunkist, mountain dew $2.00


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Updated: 08/06/2020