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VA - Herndon

"Steakvsburger serving lunch @ 358 victory drive herndon between 11am to 1.30pm. Order online (..."
August 6, 2020, 7:30 am

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Spitfire food truck will be serving Turkish and Mediterranean Cuisine which will include Doner and Chicken Doner Kebab cooked in front of spitfire, Cizbiz Kofte, Kuzu (lamb) kebab, Falafel with side items like Hummus, spicy hummus, coban (shepherd) salad and more.  Coming soon to Fairfax, Loudoun and DC.

Emrah Guney originally from Cyprus, owns a restaurant for 9 years now in Herndon, VA – Worldgate Center called TurCuisine (, which serves Turkish & Mediterranean Cuisine, so it was a natural idea to start and team up with Julia Szatmari who is also the manager of TurCuisine to spread the love of Mediterranean Cuisine.

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Updated: 08/06/2020