Hey DC food truck fans.  I try to be impartial, neutral and as friendly as possible when writing about DC food trucks.  Up until now, that was an easy task because every food truck owner I’ve met has been passionate about their cuisine, service and customers.  But, I am just not a huge fan of this truck.  Let me explain..

  • The truck does not have any online presence AT ALL.  No Twitter id, Facebook page, website or email address. They do not announce their locations or even care to interact with their potential fans.
  • The truck is completely devoid of any permanent identifying info.  Just recently, they began taping a couple pieces of printer paper to their truck containing a generic clip-art logo of an Italian chef and The House Of Falafel scrolled underneath it.
  • The one time I stopped by their truck (late lunch service), I witnessed incredibly long wait times for customers to receive their food. I’m talking about 15+ minutes of waiting after they had already paid.  One customer started to argue with the operator about how she couldn’t wait any longer.  Maybe they were just having a bad day?
  • They have 1.5-stars on Yelp.

Now, could they be working out the kinks of a relatively new operation?  Quite possibly so.  And, I would be happy to update this post at a later time if that becomes obvious. But, for now, I am only posting this information because I’ve received a couple of requests for me to post info about The House of Falafel.

And since they refuse to Tweet their locations, I can’t even put them on the daily map or on the sidebar list.  But, here are pictures of the truck and its menu.

UPDATE: Anna Spiegel at the Washingtonian followed-up with the House Of Falafel in this piece.